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【 The moon cake wooden box 】 The characteristics of the reflected in the process of printing

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
It is well known that the packing of the products is the topic of the ancient and modern, and people from beginning to end in the research and explore the topic. So for used wooden packing box of moon cakes, the Mid-Autumn festival is very exquisite, especially in the area of printing, especially pay attention to. Its characteristic is very much, below small make up, summed up the three points. 1, capable of saving paper inkjet run: for drawing material in different process of mooncakes wood surface processing, paper box control in the main technical points of the stability of the perfect printing technology, presents a variety of printing paper surface thickness and hardness of the characteristics of the solid area in the processing of functional packaging method. 2, glue at the bottom of the connection: moon cake wooden packaging printing in the fall line processing and packaging of energy, which can avoid the quality inspection of manual packing craft perfect fine degrees, in the process of presented in polishing processing color adjustment in the operation of the use, the moderate color processing functions, improve the density of the transport process, the characteristics of high exposure rate. 3, moon cake wooden box packaging of metal process, in different filter polishing processing, can prevent the resistance in all kinds of technology of processing technology of the characteristics of strong, for a large craft copy in the use of effects, reduce the color shift. Above is the content of the detailed description, moon cake wooden box reflect some of the features in the process of printing, fight to still have what good advice, can be directly consulting small make up well.
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