02 wooden wine box

【 The moon cake wooden box 】 What material is better?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
In recent years, with the change of people consumption demand and improve the level of consumption, mooncakes itself is endowed with new connotation, not only for the moon cake packaging is more higher requirements are put forward. Moon cake wooden boxes from the box, wooden box, plastic boxes, baskets, etc. Compared with other, wooden box has its unique advantages: on the one hand, the wooden box printing can use a variety of new types of ink and advanced printing technology, make the printing surface has good iuster, more beautiful; On the other hand, under the condition of the same price, wooden box appears, suitable for popular gift packaging. And, more importantly, the wooden box is compatible with good strength, processing is convenient, easy to shape, printing and beautiful, suitable for preservation, etc.
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