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The new technology of high-end gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-24
High-end gift box above the beauty of the printing design is to attract us to buy this product on the one hand, so the gift box printing craft gift box is an important process of the production process, it not only makes the gift box looks more beautiful, more artistic, also can make people more trust to the feeling of the products, so let's come to know about the printing process of high-grade gift box what are the steps. For the fabrics of high-grade gift box, printed fabric is the main way of printing, the main method is to paint on the dyeing fabric according to the pattern in the form of production, for textile printing, also can be divided into a lot of kinds, the general situation, have direct printing, is to all kinds of flower pattern of direct printing on textiles in packaging, at the time of printing and dyeing, paint won't produce a certain amount of damage, most of the printed in the packing of the goods will use of such a printing and dyeing method, and this method can dyeing two design; Also useful discharge agent to dyeing and printing, this approach can be resistance to chemicals have a certain role. Is now a digital era, digital technology can also be used in packing gift box printing and dyeing, digital printing is thus arises at the historic moment, the digital printing process, including scanning, digital photos, graphics, etc. , are using computer software to create, to digital images stored in the computer inside, there is a specialized in computer processing system of color printing, the printing color can be processed, and jet printing system effectively, and then through the spray gun printing on the packaging materials, finally, after processing, can draw a high-definition printing image. Digital printing technology advantages compared with the traditional process is very obvious, the first is the advantage of speed, in the production of printing process, each process routing, more completed by computer parts, and the less artificial operation part, greatly save the manufacture process of time, improve the efficiency of the printing. Followed by breaking the traditional printing technology of color and size limit, make the fabric has a more upscale and delicate printing effect, the adoption of computer color matching, so the color of the digital printing process can produce more abundant species, in addition is also further improve the precision of printing and dyeing. Again, the output of digital printing is not controlled by any, the original printing and dyeing production on the quantity of production is usually have certain restrictions. All in all, printing technology is very important in the gift box, it can make products more with national characteristics, can also be the more vivid image of the product's performance on the packaging, can be said to be a small branch of packaging industry, packaging enterprise will this technology to give more and more attention.
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