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The paper wooden box manufacturers how to do fire protection demand

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-18
In the wooden box factory, hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. , mainly engaged in products of wooden box, wooden gift box, card books, etc. Series of products design and printing production. Organize collected all kinds of printing and packaging in the reality of the case, then the paper wooden box manufacturers how to do fire prevention requirements? In wooden packing box printing manufacturers use solvents are flammable or combustible. Such as common acetone, white oil, gasoline, water washing, denaturation of ethanol, diluent, wax/except oil, xylene, turpentine oil, etc. , the lower the flash point of the solvent, the more dangerous. And the fire is never long eyes, it can explode at any one moment, can happen to anyone. 1, the layout of workshop. The fire protection requirements are: ( 1) Typesetting workshop should be located in a separate room, secondary refractory grade, indoor decoration application of flame retardant materials, shall not be connected to other workshops. ( 2) Air conditioning equipment often keep good condition and not close to flammable, banning the use of the heater. ( 3) Typesetting workshop should have a separate regulated power supply circuit. ( 4) Work preheating equipment to someone management; To cut off the power supply in time for work. ( 5) Puzzle, retouching on these hazardous substances such as alcohol and petroleum ether should strengthen custody, stock is generally not more than 500 ml. Typesetting workshop shall not be stored in other sundry, to ban all open flame, no irrelevant personnel. 2, printing workshop. Flammable items are paper and ink used in printing workshop is more, some still use some need heating, fire risk bigger, is the fire key parts of the wooden packaging printing factory. ( 1) Winter workshop improve the room temperature, but not open fires. ( 2) Workshop to strengthen ventilated, inflammable gas discharge printing ink volatile out in a timely manner. ( Evaporate off steam will be gathered near the open liquid container. These invisible vapor is very dangerous. Please bear in mind that as long as you have Mars or high temperature, steam can also burn. To say the printing shop in a more dangerous sex environment. ) ( 3) Highly volatile flammable, the captain must cover the bottle after using. ( 4) Low flash point of flammable, everyone at ordinary times after use to place away from the machine can produce heat. Such as motor ( The motor) After work, electrical power, air compressor, to put inflammable goods stored in the company's designated area. 3, the assembly workshop. Paper must be neatly stacked wooden packing box assembly workshop, the left channel. Paper cutting, feet should be regularly cleaned to the specified safety, shall not be piled up on the machine and electric motors. Using flame furnace, to have a fence around, shall not be close to the fuel, shall not be roasted on the stove has nothing to do with the production of goods. Gift ', 'recommended reading: wooden box should have what important function that is the demand for paper wooden box manufacturers how to do fire prevention are introduced in detail, the fire is one of the important safety measures, hope everyone more seriously, in order to avoid accidents.
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