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the perfect pair refrigerator magnet in a retro kitchen gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-11
There are many romantic classic wedding gifts, but what is truly unique is the \"perfect pair\" refrigerator magnet in the retro kitchen gift box.
This wedding gift will definitely be very popular among guests as it is beautifully designed and can be used to decorate the fridge as it is a magnet.
It is suitable for any kitchen and is a favorite souvenir for guests.
The \"Perfect Pair\" fridge magnet in the vintage kitchen gift box is a whimsical but unique wedding gift that keeps reminding guests of this wedding because when they go to the fridge, they will most likely see it every day.
The name of the wedding is also a way to play with the language.
A couple is married. However, the magnet itself is a pear that loves each other.
This is perfect as a gift for all guests.
One way this magnet refers to a couple in love is that pears represent a man and a woman who seem to be hugging each other.
The other way is through the facial expression on the pear and the way they see each pear.
This is a great reminder for the newlyweds.
It was a great idea for a wedding reception or wedding. It is so unique but still so delicate that your guests will eat them.
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