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The price of the wooden jewelry box?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-17
Wooden jewelry box price depends on the process to buy jewelry box products and brands, jewelry box process is closely related to the price, for example, price is 168 yuan for a manual, and machine hot silver price is only 89 yuan a box, craft of different price also is different. Jewelry box, I looked at a lot of online jewelry box is 50 yuan to several hundred, and a lot of quality is poor, if you want to buy jewelry box friend must learn to discern between true and false jewelry box, don't spend money to buy fake jewelry box. Poor quality of the jewelry box is difficult to use to identify the appearance, because of the appearance of the jewelry box will have difference. Such as leather jewelry box, it is generally the price of 80 yuan to fluctuate, poor quality of the jewelry box box is not smooth, rough and really jewelry box box is smooth and wearable. Open the lid of the box, jewelry box seam are really sealed, and the poor quality of seam is particularly coarse, some thread processing. Jewelry box in the quality of different price gap is big, but I still prefer custom-made jewelry box, after all is custom-made, if the quality of the line, we can also find them to do the quality feeling much better than to buy, the price is a little high, but if you buy cheap quality is poor, will care about the price?
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