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The principle of packaging flat offset printing

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Principles of offset printing
The entire copy of a copy of the offset printing sample is sufficient for the decomposition and internal reduction of the manuscript. Liu 1: Regardless of the original type
The manuscript, cursed Chutan Hall to become a printing plate printed by LIJ, and then restored it by copying the passage. But throughout the copy process In
, not all of the original manuscripts can be completely restored. Or the line address is not up to the standard of the original manuscript with rTl accuracy.
The so-called decomposing method is to print the manuscript in close proximity! *The continuous pavilion image of the manuscript is used for printing.
Continuous fierce fakes. For example, a gradual image needs to be decomposed into a tonal image by asking the dots when printing is small; use the color package
The basic knowledge cited,’1 The color re-sharpening model that can be achieved with Chuan Tong and the various four TIs—the general public is smaller than the original manuscripts of the skewer.
Setagu tea packaging box production, handicraft packaging box production, packaging box production c
The so-called restoring lot is to make the original structure of the decomposing yong into a printing plate, and the two are printed and copied through printing.
(1) Principle of Tone Reduction
1. Tonal characteristics
The image is corrected by different levels of clarity. The so-called light and shade refers to the degree of darkness of the entire image
Profit 4J situation; the color part is the color of each part of the image. Printing L uses the gradation to represent the uJj dark of the image,
There is a kind of goal expression method, that is, continuous reconciliation and mesh tune. The printing is almost mesh image, gp is enough for the dots to come and go
d; An image with light and dark levels (Figure 2-1) Production of jewelry packaging boxes and mobile phone packaging boxes.
The change in the order of the continuous image adjustment is very small, and the printing technology of the viewer is achieved by changing the thickness of the battle cliff
The reproduction of the continuous adjustment image; to the printing Fang Ru who met at the door, he also changed the size of the ink Cheng Xiaomen plot to copy the false The depth of
is the second highest. This is because the continuous ringing image is broken down into a series of nets, and then the net is restored.
Measuring simulation continuous adjustment: We divide the image of the sheath into small pieces of the total tenth class. Lee JH screening technology changes this micro
In a small area, Xiaotong can restore the image's color and color. Use the printing method of net [4 tone copy to establish the deposit
Shi, Zhou 6 Foundation—The factory’s dots are the smallest printable dots. The 4 characteristics of the dots are the size of the dots, the nets, and the number of lines,
Net ‘Quan Angle Chuan N Dot Shape Ordering Let’s take a look at the special gender packaging of the outlets. Q Shuai rJ has that AL influence:
(1) Dot size
The net eight-person small refers to the mid-price and the white points of the points occupied by the points in the product [L, that is, the oversplit rate of the net, using the point ratio of the point lights
Lai Tan Xiaogang point size
The large and small batches of Yang Dian go to d; although the number of oil aids that can be transferred to this Xiangchuan location, the people are still printing households, please go to Juice.com
The effect of the expansion of the dots on the effect of the forehead, the shadow of the part of the net/Yesterday, when the printing force of p5lJ is too large, the abandonment becomes
(2) Net, dots and lines
The number of rigid dots refers to the number of boring dots within the length of a private price
Cheng Menying, Ju003d2.54 cm) at each outlet of the Misuo.
Usually N points or glue per inch
/1: The smaller the LP brush, the higher the number of network lines, the smaller the network points. The less dense it is, the easier it is to be visually distinguished.
The slight degree of threadiness of the product becomes more treacherous (Figure 2-2): But. When the number of N lines is too high, the current technical conditions for plate making and printing are difficult
Look at it again? The ellipse of Genken packaging and printing*—'the number of Sichuan wire used in general packaging products is] V (54 lines/cm) or
]501Pi (60 lines/j ah meter), the number of lines used by Xiaoyi Bao Mizuo is 1751Pj (70 lines/cm).
Figure 2-2 Comparison of products with different network lines
(3) Dot angle
The dot angle refers to the central angle between the arrangement direction of the dots and the horizontal direction, which means that the dot angle does not occur during use.
For conflicts, o is used. —90. The first-quadrant represents the angle of the dots.
When the color package is continuously adjusted and the original copy is copied, the dot angle combination that I am used to using is 90. , 75. , 45. , 15. 'usually
Use 90I to testify version N, restore angle, 45. As the dot angle of the L color plate, the others are the dot angles of the other two colors. for
j’Avoid moiré, the angle difference between the prepared angles is usually 15'-30. If the angle difference is too small, the moiré can be formed c
In packaging printing, wide spot colors are widely used.
Spot colors are used for dot printing, and the angle arrangements they use are consistent with the main color of 45. Screening, Yan Bao is the least used
90. Screening, Gongxian adopts the remaining A kind of screening angle. If the dots of the Air spot color are brushed at the concave bag, the spot color department usually adopts
Use 45. Screening. If you use spot color spoons and other color dots to overprint, you need to adjust the dot angle before output to prevent
A small view of turtles and ants,
(4) Mesh, only shape
Jong’N along Ir3, regardless of the shape of Icheon: the effect of receiving her affection from the literary view of i, the octagonal N. r: Extrusion plating at 50% of i.
M Tong Nt issued / l do not 7 () round of Bin's wife. Make shape nets. ,: lL about a cup of 40 bali 60 benefits to fight the sister-in-law i state than the F. Chain call, t slave
Tian you followed the baby lamp here, because Qi's Ganpo evil anger is wet, 1T inter-tone. The plan is divided into purchases. Reduced density
jumping Jl to make a horse, so small out of people. The image of Au claws is small and bowed, like the character Ge Bao, called Chuan U-shaped dots; if the picture is
Like a contrasting person. c Sichuan f people form a smoke-shaped network:

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