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The principle of wooden gift box manufacturing design

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Wooden gift box points according to packaging materials: paper products, plastic products, metal, bamboo, wood packaging, glass containers and composite materials, wooden gift boxes more choose paper packaging. The wooden gift box manufacturing design principle of what? Below small make up to introduce. A function, promotion package design to have the effect of sales promotion, first of all need to be able to attract the attention of consumers, because only get the attention of consumer goods has the potential to be purchased. Therefore, to use packaging novel and chic modelling, bright eye-catching color, elegant and delicate design, have distinguishing feature each material can make the packaging of striking consequences, make consumers a see a strong interest in modelling unique, fresh can attract consumers' attention. Second, color the color is easy to touch people, some marketing scholars even think that the color is an important factor of resolution sales, some color as packaging of products, would make it difficult to sell the product, gray is one of them. Red, blue, white and black is 4 big sales color, this is made in red, blue, and black, green, orange, yellow, dark brown image into words invented by comparison. As a sales coloring could cause consumers favor and interest, this analysis has certain justice. Design work is associated with color photograph. Three, packaging design packaging design should give priority to in order to foil the brand trademark, fully shows the characteristics of the brand trademark, make consumers from the phonetic symbols and the overall packing design can immediately identify the product in one power plant, especially the famous brand products and famous brand shops, trademarks marked on the package can be instant to attract consumers. Above is the wooden gift box design principles, the hope can help to you. Small make up: ZRM changed in 2019. 4. 23
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