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The problems existing in the traditional elements in the wooden wine box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-22
Traditional elements in the design process, designers will narrow understanding of the transformation and borrow for external modelling, without considering the deep artistic quality. This makes the wooden wine box on the overall lack of visual impact, such as wooden wine box packaging is not long life, under the influence of external, stylist is in packaging design is also only pay attention to the form of performance, and ignore the spiritual connotation. A good works must be set ornamental, artistic quality, practicability and integration, if unable to realize the combination of practicality and artistry, so destined to be eliminated by the market. Therefore, the traditional design mode has been unable to adapt to the development trend of packaging design teaching under the new era. Designers should be aware of the application of Chinese traditional elements focus is the application of spiritual connotation, rather than a simple application form.
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