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The process features of gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-08
Gift box how to increase the value of the products, under the condition of fierce competition in the Chinese market, in addition to the quality of the product packaging appearance of the image of the industry is very important, may be the technological characteristics of the product, so for the product has the characteristic which process? 1, gift packing box package picture whether it is necessary to plan the structure of contact together, suppose know picture print bound to advance in the production structure, the non-drying label, vacuum aluminum compound bag. This is the representative of fashion and high-tech goods is generally flat printing products are very different, the dynamic picture is endowed with vitality. 2, become the promotion of goods from the customers and store image marching method and special parties accuse the media, have the useful effect of attracting eyeballs. And more picture frame mutation effects or magic change, give a person with a dreamy dynamic feeling, advertising effect is common, appreciate the effect is extremely strong. 3, although can impact on the product quality effect, but a brief and broken, so it is necessary to have support effect box. 4, in addition to the primary support, in the structure when select material, one should be careful to satisfied transport demand, structural strength, and has the goods display function. The above content is the gift box of process characteristics, hope can deepen your understanding of the product. If you are interested in this product, as a professional manufacturer of jinan heng printing packaging co. , LTD. , will be your choice, welcome to choose and buy! Small make up: SQS
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