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The protection of packaging for goods [1]

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
To ensure safety and quantity, to protect the quality of goods
In the process of transferring goods from the production field to the circulation field, the goods may be damaged due to the movement of the goods, collisions, vibrations and shocks of the transportation tools during the multiple loading and unloading, handling, storage and other operations. At the same time, changes in the external temperature, humidity, light, gas, biological factors and other conditions during the circulation, transportation, and storage of the goods, packaging boxes, Beijing packaging boxes, and packaging plants may also cause the product to change. Chemical changes such as mildew and deterioration require us to select appropriate packaging materials, packaging containers and packaging methods according to the characteristics of the products and transportation conditions, and use certain packaging techniques to package the products to prevent damage to the products. Achieve the protection of the product, so that it reaches the consumer's hands intact. The protection of commodities also maintains the use value of commodities, and the use value of commodities is the material bearer of the value of the commodities, and is the material means for the exchange of commodities. Therefore, packaging is a prerequisite for protecting goods and ensuring the smooth exchange of goods, so that their value can be realized. Beijing Packaging Factory, one of the packaging box manufacturers.

Packaging is one of the tools to facilitate the circulation of commodities. From the factory to the purchase, dispatch, storage and sale of commodities, there are a series of links such as quantity handover, handling, stacking and retail. If there is no packaging or poor packaging, Beijing packaging wooden box manufacturers will inevitably increase the difficulty of product shipment, storage and sales. Therefore, the products should be packaged according to a certain quantity (or weight), shape, size specification, and size, and containers of different materials should be used for different products, and the trademark should be marked, so that it is easy to identify, record and count. Reasonable use of various means of transportation to improve the efficiency of transportation, loading and unloading, stacking, and storage, and increase the utilization rate of warehouse capacity and storage effect in the warehousing process, thereby helping to accelerate the circulation of goods and achieve greater commodity circulation benefits. Under the conditions of today's market economy, facilitating commodity circulation not only affects the individual circulation benefits of producers, but also affects the commodity circulation benefits of the entire society. Because the circulation of goods is slow, it only indicates that a certain amount of goods has been taken from the society within a period of time; only when the goods enter the market and are sold, the value of the goods is realized after the exchange process is completed, the goods are only It is really what the society needs. The packaging box manufacturer in Beijing and the packaging wooden box production show that it provides material information for the society. That is to say, if the speed of commodity circulation is slow, the time between taking it from the society and giving it to the society is long, otherwise, it is short. It can be seen that packaging that facilitates the circulation of commodities will bring greater social benefits to the society in accelerating the circulation of commodities.

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