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The pursuit of wooden wine box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-21
The pursuit of wooden wine box packaging piano lacquer craft, is one of the lacquer that bake process, its process is very complicated, first of all, need to be on board to be bored with child, as the bottom layer of paint; Will be bored with child make level to be bored with child after dry, polishing smooth; Then spray 3 - again and again Primer 5 times, each time after spraying, have water sandpaper and grinding polishing cloth; Finally, spraying 1 - again 3 times the light type of paint, then use the high temperature baking, make lacquer layer curing similar with those of the paint on the solid wood packing. 。 Compared with ordinary highlight painting, piano lacquer has two big differences between the first and the nature of piano lacquer has a thick layer of primer, in fact, the real piano lacquer to the surface of the if forcibly break, is will shatter like enamel, not like ordinary paint layer peeling theory and usual packing box painted a truth.
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