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The rational return of liquor packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
my country has a long history of liquor production, and various types of liquors with different styles and characteristics have been formed. After thousands of years of spread and development, they have formed their own distinctive national characteristics in the world and are unique. With the development of society and economy, people’s culture and living standards have been continuously improved and improved. To this day, many people’s love for wine has far surpassed the drinking value of wine itself, and many people are also interested in wine packaging. Have a soft spot. Just like the analogy of the art historian Grosse: 'Decoration has only a secondary artistic quality in the early stages of development, and the pleasing form is only attached to the actual important state, just like the tendril of a rattan attached to a large branch But later the dense green leaves and flowers of the vines covered the big tree. At the same time, the secondary decoration gradually lost its original meaning and developed into a purely beautiful form. 'It can be seen that the value of packaging is becoming more and more important in wine culture. . Because of the importance of wine packaging, we urgently need to pay more attention to its packaging quality.

  Practical art, cultural art, positioning art

  As an important part of wine culture,    wine packaging is responsible for product information transmission and publicity. However, the currently popular wine packaging on the market is very similar in form to content, with few bright spots, few creative ones, and serious imitations and plagiarism. At the same time, it has fallen into another misunderstanding-excessive packaging. The blind pursuit of height not only causes waste of costs, but also brings destruction and pollution to the social environment. The reason for this problem lies in the in-depth exploration of brand resources, the lack of integration and creation of design elements, the lack of understanding of the market, and the lack of a good grasp of consumer psychology. It is only limited to simple duplication of existing resources and blindly. Pursue the artistry and beauty of packaging. The work created under the guidance of this kind of thought is more a pure work of art in a more sense, focusing only on the side of embodying its aesthetic value and ignoring its practical side.

  The society is advancing, and people's appreciation of beauty is constantly improving with the progress of the times. From this level, Chinese liquor packaging should conform to the development of the aesthetics of the times and create works with modern beauty. Therefore, wine packaging is not only an art, but also a practical art and a cultural art. In the future, Chinese wine packaging design will inevitably develop in the direction of close integration of culture and art, and will increasingly learn from and absorb design elements such as history, humanities, geography, and folklore, restore the true nature of culture, and show artistic characteristics. Only by truly achieving the perfect combination of art and culture and setting up a platform for communication between packaging and consumers, can the infectiousness of packaging be deeply embedded in the hearts of every consumer, and it can arouse the strong resonance of consumers, thereby promoting Sales.

   The Niulanshan classic Erguotou packaging (2007 World Star), designed by Shenzhen Baixinglong Packaging Design Co., Ltd., is designed with the Forbidden City culture as the creative core. The use of noble elements such as boxes makes it full of royal charm, creating an extraordinary demeanor of 'Jinghua imperial style, king over the world'. The product features, grades, status, culture and fashion reflect its unique personality, create a strong visual impact, show its profound cultural heritage, and have a distinct personality.

  Using new technology and new materials, discovering new brilliance

   The Chinese liquor packaging that has inherited a thousand-year-old culture has been developed simultaneously with the continuous innovation of processing technology. Based on the packaging characteristics of Chinese liquor, it is necessary not only to grasp the development trend of the times in the new market competition and integrate it into the modern society, but also to combine the contemporary rapidly changing post-press processing technology to fully meet the high quality requirements of customers. For example, in view of the current phenomena and problems of the rampant counterfeit wine in the current market, serious fouling by distributors, and packaging pollution, higher requirements have been put forward for packaging design in terms of anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection. Therefore, accelerating technological innovation, the development of new packaging materials, new processes and new products, and the development of low consumption, green materials, reuse, recycling and degradability are the key to improving the quality of liquor packaging.

  Green Marketing Upgrade Service Model

  Experts pointed out that in the next 10 years, 'green products' will dominate the world market, and 'green products' will undoubtedly require 'green packaging.' The requirements of the development of this era are particularly important for packaging design companies, which also put forward higher requirements for marketers. However, most packaging design companies currently lack the awareness of 'green marketingWeak, after-sales service can't keep up.

   The emergence of the above-mentioned phenomena and problems, on the one hand, has caused a waste of customer funds and resources, on the other hand, it has indirectly caused damage to the social environment. Therefore, the marketing staff of packaging companies in the current environment only have the concepts of marketing, ecological marketing, social marketing and big marketing, strengthen green management, establish green marketing concepts, and are good at starting from the perspectives of environmental protection, anti-pollution, and making full use of resources. A series of business activities such as market research, product development, and after-sales service can meet the needs of green consumption in the social environment.
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