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The Renaissance of Packaging Boxes in the 1980s

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
In the 1980s, the Americans led a renaissance of packaging box design
Xing. Modern design changes are more drastic than any era, new design style
Emerging in endlessly, but basically it’s adjustments, supplements, and changes to previous designs.

Lianghe Development.

In the 1990s of the 20th century, the high-tech era followed. At this time, people
We generally recognize the importance of the environment on which our own development depends.
Under the impetus of a wave of high tide, the natural, primitive,
The concept of health is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The packaging box design is governed by this concept,
Develop in the direction of 'lightweight' and 'small size'. Its function is not only
Limited to being able to accommodate, protect, promote and other elements, and began to advocate 'green
Color packaging
Materials are developing in the direction of 'no pollution'. Therefore, it saves natural resources
Environmental awareness design that does not destroy the ecological environment. Become 90 years
A new orientation of generation packaging design.

Wooden box packaging is very simple in forming, and in shape, it follows the market’s
Changes in demand, timely and easy to implement. Especially with the reform of sales methods,
The shape of the wooden packaging box has also changed a lot. For example, it is more suitable for Chinese sales
PoP packaging, fast food packaging, personalized store product packaging, etc. are sold.

In 2000, the per capita consumption of wooden boxes in my country was 26 dry grams (the per capita consumption in Shanghai has reached 100
kg), which is only 10% of the world's per capita consumption level, which is much lower than the developed
The country's annual average per capita level is 200 to 300 kilograms. Since the reform and opening up. domestic
The consumer demand for wooden boxes is growing. my country's wood consumption in the 9Ds of the 20th century
Increased at an average annual rate of 12%, reaching about 35 million tons last year, the second
Ten America, ranking second in the world. According to the plan, by 2005, my country’s wood
The material consumption will reach 38 million to 400,000 tons, and it is expected to increase to

60 million to 65 million tons. my country's wooden box product industry has great potential.
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