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the right way to divide responsibilities between chairman and ceo

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-10
There is no single right way between the owner, chairman, ceo, COO and other members of the executive team to divide responsibility.
Delegation of Authority.
The delegation depends on the business environment and confidence between the leaders.
Having said that, Rita\'s Italian Ice and Falconhead Capital, an investment company with a controlling stake in the company, have a very good working model.
Rita\'s board executive chairman, Mike Lorelli, explained to me how they broke down their roles: the executive chairman took the lead: the CEO took the lead in managing the company, and it: it\'s just this moment.
Come back in a few years.
David Moross, CEO of Falconhead Capital, recruited Mike Lorelli as a representative of Falconhead\'s board in Rita.
Once he understood what was going on, Lorelli started recruiting for Rita\'s new CEO in March 2013, while the old CEO was still there.
As one of prime gene\'s partners, Rob Gregory said, \"never fire anyone until you know who will do their job. ”Great theory.
The situation has decided that Lorelli will need to replace the CEO and chief financial officer in June.
So he jumped in as a temporary CEO.
A month later, Lorelli met Jeff Moody, who succeeded as only two ex-boyfriends
Pepsi employees can do it.
After several long conversations, a double date, and a walk in the woods of jobs and Scully in Los Angeles, during which time they \"nurtured\" their relationship, Moody\'s as CEO
Lorelli has maintained a clear attitude towards his transition from temporary CEO to executive chairman.
As soon as Moody\'s joined, Lorelli immediately vacated his CEO\'s office and moved to the office as far away as Moody\'s could.
Over time, he will step back more because he and Moody are becoming more comfortable in their roles.
Lorelli said, \"the role of the executive chairman and CEO should not only be attached, but should also be collaborative.
\"Clear permissions are critical.
When the two share the chemistry and can inspire each other, the situation will be better.
Moody\'s described the disagreement as a \"soft Division\" with a clear category of responsibility but a significant overlap as a partner.
It works well when it works.
Think about how Gates flinch and give Steve Ballmer the space to run Microsoft.
Think about the transition from Ajay Banga to MasterCard.
But when it doesn\'t work, pain and pain spread to all the people who are trying to follow their leaders.
If leaders can\'t sort out their responsibility, they don\'t have a chance to give someone else a clear direction.
Don\'t deceive yourself.
There is no secret to any company (
(Regardless of size).
In conclusion, here is a rough guide on the division of duties between the executive chairman and the CEO: see it as an overall framework.
What is really important is the clear leadership that inspires and supports others.
Title is not important.
The formal division of responsibility is not important.
Behavior, relationships, attitudes, values, and the environment are all important.
Focus on these at every level of the organization and every interaction.
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