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The role of wooden box packaging in the 21st century

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
After the modern wooden box packaging entered the 21st century, the use of wooden box packaging products has undergone great changes. The original wooden box packaging is traditionally used for convenient transportation and basic protection of goods. The actual role of packaging has changed a lot. The basic principle of modern wood packaging is: to continuously improve the performance of packaging and the added value of packaging. Special attention should be paid to the role of wood packaging, not just for transportation and protecting the safety of goods. , And to achieve beauty, convenience, and practicality, and enhance the potential value of the product, wood packaging is a product that consumes natural resources. Green environmental protection, energy saving and resource saving, working hard for a green earth.
Solid wood packaging box materials are important carriers and transmission media of forest pests in international trade. In order to reduce the risk of pest invasion and reduce the cost of fumigation and de-pest treatment for enterprises, we will vigorously develop deep-processed composite packaging materials. The development direction of packaging. The possible problems of wooden packaging have always attracted attention, not only arousing the attention of the quarantine department, but also being closely related to the people's livelihood, and it has attracted more attention from the people.
The International Plant Protection Organization formulated the International Phytosanitary Measures Standard No. 15 in 2002, stipulating that wood packaging used for packaging or carrying international trade goods must be heat-treated or fumigated in accordance with international standards before being exported. 'IPPC' logo.
According to the new requirements, Beijing Wooden Box Factory requires six types of wood packaging made entirely of thin wood (thickness 6 mm or less) no longer need to be quarantined; wood packaging must be made of debarked wood, and the packaging must be tree-mounted The allowable amount of skin residues should meet the width of less than 3 cm, or the total area of u200bu200bless than 50 square centimeters; wooden packaging that meets certain conditions will be allowed to be reused in inbound and outbound goods; in addition to heat treatment and methyl bromide fumigation treatment, wooden packaging can also be used Electric heating treatment.
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