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The selection and analysis of wooden gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-14
Wooden gift boxes in contact with the most should be lovers, it is one of the best packing, for gifts with an exquisite wooden gift box is a box with ribbons and other decorations collocation, this case will be very delicate, romantic, today on wooden gift boxes wooden gift box manufacturers how to analyse the choose and buy: wooden gift boxes are base is made of cardboard, because paper printing technology is great cost is low, because many wooden gift boxes are equivalent to a one-time use box, so choose a paper to make a wooden gift box is very affordable way, in order to make environmental protection are a lot of specialty paper takes; Say to the color of the paper and twists, the color of the wooden gift boxes chose the peach pink, must have few people don't like the color of the peach blossom, it means that a prisoner of love. It is said that it's wishes and blessings, people can found to belong to own love faster. The visual effect, is each team in love of men and women want the most. Romance with soothing colors, and coupled with ribbon foil, and paper when the choice of color, a symbol of the pure, pure love. In this era of higher standards of living, wooden gift boxes are more about popular, everyone heart there is a kind of romantic feelings, and wooden gift boxes just can express the solemn feeling in the heart, so people will use up quickly! Small make up: SQS
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