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The selection of red wine gift box and maintenance

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
General customers choose red wine gift box leather box and so on, so can improve the grade of the product, and to better storage and sales. General design to be recognized and then need to choose the right leather, leather generally include: genuine leather, bonded leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, etc. , different capable person, of course, feel is different, the price would be different. We often say the PU leather is a kind of artificial leather, the thickness of the general is 0. 6 mm - - - - - - - 0. 8 mm, can be in the hot stamping, nameplate, etc with stickers, general production process does not pass can drop gold gilding, affect beautiful, will affect the company's brand and product sales. Maintenance about red wine gift box, can use special skin oil or leather polishing and maintenance products, but now many of the leather box use is made of artificial leather, the late maintenance should pay attention to prevent bask in, waterproof, moistureproof, insect-resistant, so the leather box storage space requirement is more strict than normal packing box. A good packaging is the product of the 'soul' and 'selling point', hope that today's introduction can help you better to complete the selection of red wine gift box and maintenance work. Small make up: SQS
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