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The use of wooden jewelry box inside the function

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-14
Inside the box now there are a lot of functions, a lot of people bought don't know what's the use, the following is the small make up to answer questions. Ring strap to secure and protect your baby ring, usually composed of a set of bar velvet cushions. In addition to placing ring, for cufflinks or earrings also is right choice, white flannel can armguard, more care of your baby. Fixed hole/ear stud earrings fixed nail fixed pad designed to protect your earring ornaments, often in a configuration earring hole in the diaphragm to fixed earrings, or take advantage of the lid position setting aside the earrings, also some within the space between is equipped with removable liner with earring hole. Butterfly card cover between the pad is usually in a built-in a piece of flannelette with a butterfly card to cover your precious jewelry. Butterfly card can only as a gripper, also can be used for wrapping your slender shape necklace, prevent sliding at random; Or have the effect of a layered, separate the up and down your small adorn article. Package cushion package cushion/bracelet watches dedicated to fixed protect your bracelet or watch. Necklace hook fixed dedicated to protect your necklace, bracelet, etc. , usually in the form of buckle or hooks. Are usually configured below one opening elastic dark bag, receive down the necklace. 'There are various size between the small shape between the small design, can make your baby jewelry each place. Usually slender shape design is for the necklace, the square is according to the size of the different shades respectively, bracelets, brooches, earrings, hairpins, cufflinks and other accessories. Jewelry bag design make full use of the inside cover or the side of the space, the effective capacity to expand your jewellery box. You can put your favorite pearl necklace to hide, or hang a whole row of eardrop, how to use the be fond of you.
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