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The use of wooden rocking table

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-10
Wooden rocking table can also be called the shaking table box, mainly used for mechanical shaking table, to mechanical watch, to increase the power, because mechanical watch need after shaking, internal mechanical motivated, table can rotate, once stop don't wear in hand, so lost momentum, stopped moving, wooden box shaking table, the outside is a wooden box, internal installed a motor driven in the dial. Is motor driven need power, the shaking table box has made high-end specular paint, useful also matte paint made of solid wood. Shaking table, also known as the shake table or the shake table box, usually refers to motorized watches boxes, used for automatic mechanical watch on a chain. Also known as automatic motor list boxes, automatic chain table box, motor box, shaking table boxes, table boxes, chain, refers to have power to drive the rotating dial watch box. The motor box is equipped with a micro motor, driven by batteries or an external power source, and can pass through shifting gear box and switch control watch. This kind of list box with a rotating small dial, the dial in micro motor driven by a slow rotation, puts mechanical watch this dial, can achieve the result of automatic wind-up. 1) Production minimum quantity: spot from the 300 order, other style wooden box 500 fewer costs will increase, leather box 500; Box 1500 minimum. ( 2) Proofing and sample fee: according to the product of different charge proofing fee ( Returned after order) For 7 -, proofing cycle 10 days. Directly provide pictures or samples can also do samples, we have the personnel design proofing, until satisfied. ( 3) Production cycle: 10000, for example) Production cycle is 25 30 days, excluding proofing time, transportation time. ( 4) Logo marks: your company's trademark or can be related to text, pattern is printed on the product, can also be customized metal trademark. ( 5) Packing: can be customized according to the requirements of the guests a variety of products packing box, box of trademarks, text, also can be printed on your company logo.
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