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The use of wooden wine box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-23
Wooden wine box packaging must give consumers the first visual impact, can make the goods in many products stand out from the crowd. Wooden wine box packaging design is also a kind of obvious personality identity graphics, repetition and strengthen product information, attract the attention of consumers. Therefore, wooden wine box packaging and synchronous development of civilization in different historical periods, the function of the wooden wine box packaging is not the same. But the wooden wine box packaging forever inseparable from its external materials and containers, and it is the basic function of passing information. As we can see from the definition of wooden wine box packaging, wooden wine box packaging design not only protect the goods or store goods, wooden wine box packaging in essence is a kind of attached to the product is on the commodity attribute of goods, therefore, promote the sale of goods is the purpose of the wooden wine box packaging. Wooden wine box packaging design promote and sell in order to achieve this purpose, consideration is most often not wooden wine box packaging of artistic or aesthetic, but sales promotion. Modern aesthetic idea influence consumer behavior, therefore, modern society also affects the wooden wine box packaging design. Postmodern society, for example, sought after by many young people, showed the following characteristics: first, the social characteristics, characterized by science and technology and the expansion, the flood of information, information, copy of high-tech power of human factors to overwhelm the natural factors. Second, the characteristics of knowledge, as knowledge representation, symbol, digital commercialization. Third, the mentality characteristic, thinking mode, show the strong uncertainty, fuzzy grade, state of mind and spirit. Fourth, lifestyle characteristics, show the gaming lifestyle, deviate from the traditional moral rules and social shape, like in the traditional life attitude to try new ways of living. Fifth, cultural characteristics, expression is upside down the specific definition of traditional culture, abandoning traditional culture symbol, show the marginalization, niche, the complanation and trivializes situated characteristics, xi glaring colour combination, symbols. Therefore, in the wooden wine box packaging design, designers should consider this part of the consumer preferences wooden wine box packaging design. Another example, traditional social aesthetics in modern wooden wine box packaging design can be seen everywhere, the application of the Chinese nation is believed to be descendants of the dragon, dragon is a symbol of a mighty and magnificent momentum, noble, auspicious meaning.
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