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The value of wooden cigar box packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-21
In the process of color design, color composition is an important theoretical basis, at the same time the design to the implementation of the has important guiding significance. The reasonable application of color can promote the art appreciator produce different visual psychological reaction. Thus, in the process of artistic creation, play an important guiding significance to the color composition, application value is extremely outstanding, it is the basis of the implementation of wooden cigar box packaging design. While the color harmony is mainly embodied in the process of design of color composition are studied. Orderly, coordinated and will be more than two kinds of color are combined, the various colors of harmonic is usually applied to the order of generality, area, three kinds of harmonic. Color composition rule is also reflected in the acquisition refactoring, specifically refers to the existed in the original object into a new organization structure of the color elements, showing a new color image. In this way can promote the works of art by color reconstruction effectively improve appeal and artistic value.
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