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The what is lining material of high-grade packaging box and discuss the advantages of several kinds of packaging materials

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-25
As gift box packaging materials is more and more rich, now in general high-grade packaging, used in the lining of the material is: one, the sponge lining is very common, because its price is very low, at the time of processing also is very convenient, so many manufacturers can choose this kind of material, such as some square of packaging materials and other high-end gift box packaging and use, a wide range of sponge liner box processing time only need to use cutting way, because the inside of the structure is simple. Second, plastic foam and corrugated paper is also a good packing lining material, for some fragile goods, it can have very good protection effect, such as some jewelry packaging gift box is often used in plastic foam lining; And the use of corrugated paper is wider, food packaging box or beverage packaging, corrugated paper become a way of the latest environmentally friendly packaging. Three, as the gift box of the lining material, some need to choose the higher quality, plastic material is a very good choice, because the strength of the plastic itself is good, in order to show the high-end gifts, can add a velvet fabric, in this kind of material is high, and can be a very good protection of jewelry. If you need to send gift to a faraway friend, or you are a manufacturer need to ship goods by long-term, such packing gift box is very important, this also is to gift or product in the process of transporting from harm, and better packaging materials is damping materials, so that you can make your gift and the product in the process of long-distance transportation from harm, only a friction to prevent effectively maintain the quality of gifts, give consumers a better experience, so many businesses are now attaches great importance to the packaging of goods. Corrugated paper material has the advantage that I can give you the goods have additional buffer protection, because it is full of fold, the surface of it doesn't look good, but the effect is strong, can produce the power of the protection, also is to generate a certain amount of gas as a strong point. Using corrugated paper materials, especially for air transport the effect is very big, and make up is very convenient. The advantages of the foam pad is also aimed at more upscale fragile items, its principle is that all products can be wrapped and thick appearance, and very soft, it is not easy to make the hard wound to the product, and this kind of packing method need the foam pad material is also the more the better, because the more thick can have a good protection effect. Bubble has a special advantage is that it's not thermally conductive, is very safe. Through the above ShangYu packing co. , the introduction of small make up, you know some effective prevent vibrations cause the product damage packing gift box, for gift packing, there are more materials to choose, in this paper, the material can be as your reference, the benefits of using this material is can make high-grade gift preserved in road transport, since chose to give others high-end gift box, then give it a high quality packaging gift box.
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