02 wooden wine box

【 The wooden packing box 】 Beauty will continue. 。 。

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
We are very clear, in today's market economy dominated, commodity competition is unusually fierce. In the competition of the commodity at the same time, the wooden packing box become an integral part of the goods, also need more exquisite design and printing. Because consumers in the purchase of goods, in addition to pay attention to product quality, performance, more and more is also high to the requirement of wooden packaging design. According to market information and relevant data show that the products to enter the market, especially in the international market, wooden packing box design level of high and low, directly decides the product sales and circulation. Products on the market, therefore, has a strong visual impact, regardless of product quality, shape and function are suitable for different levels of consumer demand, should meet the needs of life. Because people not only when buying goods on quality, performance and price and so on, but often pay more attention to in the design of the packaging is fine. In addition to, packaging can improve the product's own value, increase sales, but also have the effect of the convey commodity information. People's demand for commodities, has a single practical ideas gradually from the past to beautiful, practical, with advanced consciousness of new conceptual change. Therefore, as a packaging, printing design personnel, have the stronger practical concept, management knowledge of market economy, advance the spirit of innovation, the aesthetic consciousness, can adapt to changes in demand caused by rising living standards. To sum up, the wooden packing box design as natural science, social science and humanities for the integration of a comprehensive discipline. Packaging design is the science and art, material and spirit of the related factors of mutual combination and mutual, mutual penetration, mutual creative labor. So must learn packaging design is not an easy thing, you have economic mind, artistic taste, and can get naked together economic and aesthetic art. Keywords: wooden box
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