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【 The wooden packing box 】 Can make use of those materials?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
In this era, full of packaging for the packaging of goods is in normal, so they use a lot of wooden packing box and wooden gift boxes, so they adopted by the material, usually is give priority to in order to is it? Next let production wooden packing box and wooden gift boxes of hangzhou wooden packing box manufacturer to tell you. Kind is a blank sheet of paper board, white cardboard paper can be used to the hard wooden packing box, because it is inside the structure of the three to six floors, or is more material makes the whole is more strong, so can let his hardness can call hard materials to a certain extent. Kind is kraft paper, this kind of material is not like a blank sheet of paper board so thick, but from his own fibre on the physical structure of overall stiffness, not so vulnerable, although his thickness than the average double copper paper or single copper paper to the thickness of the thicker but he not cardboard so thick, but not his hardness inferior with white paper board. To sum up, the above interpretation of two kinds of hard paper material is now more popular packaging materials, so the quality of the wooden box. Need to know about other different wooden packaging products, can contact small make up well.
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