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【 The wooden packing box 】 'Good' box 'one hundred' design concept

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Wooden box packaging design, not only in the mall will attract the attention of the customer, product will also further promote, is any well-known enterprise can't ignore the market strategy. So good packaging design printing in addition to the basic principles in the design of solving, but also focuses on consumers' psychological activities, to stand out in the similar goods. Commodity packaging goal is to motivate consumers to buy directly. Your first consideration when commodity packaging plan should be the goal. Second, even if consumers are not ready to buy this commodity, should also be encouraged them to sign for this product, packaging design, printing and logo and manufacturers to produce a good impression. Including product container design, the product inside and outside the packaging design, tags, label design, transport packing and gift packing design, paper bag, bag design. Wooden packing box design diversity: logo variety, wide range of USES, regardless of from the application form, form and performance means, wooden packaging design has a rich diversity. The application form, not only have the plane ( Almost any material available plane) And 3 d ( Such as relief, garden sculpture, arbitrary shape three-dimensional objects or marked using special style of packaging, containers, etc, etc. ) 。 Its form, there is a direct use of object, composed of in text symbols, have to graphics, image, or a abstract, have in colour. Most of the logo is made up of several basic form combination. Performance means, their richness and diversity hardly overview, and with the development of science and technology, culture, art, always in constant innovation keywords: wooden box
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