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【 The wooden packing box 】 The design of the need to pay attention to three points

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
It is well known that the wooden packing box, on the purpose is not only used to packing the goods, but also to have the brand publicity effect, the high-quality goods of wooden packing box can improve enterprise well-knownness, strengthen the enterprise brand effect, make the wooden packing box design, can get twice the result with half the effort in brand value. But in terms of design, still need to pay attention to some detail problems. To clear a, wooden packing box design theme, design conforms to the product characteristics, when a wooden packaging products lack of theme, in the sales will be discounted. Wooden packaging design according to product features, avoid by all means neri, different inside can create a feeling of cheating, it is difficult to have repeat business. Second, the wood packaging design to seek truth from facts, according to the actual situation to product design, and excessive luxury design can make the product flashy, because of excessive decorate wooden packing box, and there is no support for product quality assurance, often let a guest the feeling of being deceived. Three, wooden packing box design should conform to the trend of need, the environmental protection is the trend of fashion, environmental protection of the wooden packing box will consumer identity, attract consumers to understand, if products related to the green environmental protection, environmental wooden box, wooden packing box can be designed as such not only can protect the resource recycling, but also can protect the product properties. Wooden packaging design needs to design inspiration, packaging costs, rational or emotional consumers purchase, found life and so on. This issue on the need to pay attention to in the fine wooden packing box in the design of some of the detail problem, small make up just share here for the time being, you need to product design and processing customized, you can contact with small make up.
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