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Three principles of wooden cosmetics box design

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-24
Wooden cosmetics box design goal is to play a role in the promotion, the purpose of its design is of course to be able to attract the attention of consumers as the main starting point, because as long as it can cause people to pay attention to arouse people's purchase desire to cosmetics, the price to achieve cosmetic box, on the other hand, is necessarily a failure of design, for the products sales will also cause a great negative impact. So what cosmetics box design should pay attention to? First, pay attention to the design intention of dazzling and dazzing is one eye, what kind of design can attract the attention of the consumers? First of all, on colour to be beautiful. Market research experts, after many years of observation, think the color is a prime requisite of a decision to sell, when people choose goods is often the first to see the color. General grey color is very difficult to stimulate people's purchase desire, red, blue, white, black is four big sale of coloring. Red is the most easy to let a person excited, blue is the color of a lot of people like, because clean and transparent, blue and black and white is fashionable joker color, simple and clear, clean. The use of color to avoid unable to hook up people shopping desire color, the several kinds of popular color is tie-in. Then on the modelling is unique, the modelling of whole has a strong aesthetic feeling, in the form of tens of thousands of kinds of cosmetics box of the modelling of the market at present, if there is no feature modelling too simple can be hard to attract people's attention. Second: to pay attention to the cosmetics box design should conform to the characteristics of the product design is not only in shape, color, drawing on the use of to arouse people's attention, the most important thing is to return to the product, to let consumers know the inside of the products can pass the cosmetics box packaging information. Because the purchase is not packing but the goods inside, accurate convey the cosmetics is one of the most important information. If the entire cosmetics box design out of the basic information of the products and even inconsistent with completely can easily lead to the failure of the product sales. Third: pay attention to the design to make the person produces favor here more emphasis on cosmetics box design contains the design level. Love comes from the two aspects, one is practical is a psychological feeling of beauty. Practical good performance in the cosmetics box design can bring all aspects of the need for the consumers with convenient, this involves intrusive, exquisite packaging and how much, etc. The same cosmetic packaging exquisite simple can let a person warm, and poor packaging and is easy to arouse people's dislike of the flowery, nature will not be able to let the goods sold out.
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