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To discuss the excessive packing of wooden gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-23
For these years, our country's present wooden packing box, has appeared the phenomenon of excessive packaging, and as early as in 2010 countries have introduced 'the limit commodity packaging request too much & ndash; — Food and cosmetics 'scale, limit the problem of excessive packaging. The Chinese people have exquisite gift, at the feast, relatives and friends, will send a holiday gift to each other, and wooden gift boxes is in order to make the product appear more decent, so there are a lot of people are very love this elegant wooden packing box, but, & other; Big box, small commodities & throughout; Excessive packaging look face, but actually gave giver suffered particularly economic pressure, also can not get real benefit and in return, so it's virtually caused many & other; Peugeot's waste & throughout; 。 Keywords: wooden gift box
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