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To do four things acrylic display exquisite

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-10
These four things ready, a delicate acrylic display frame & other; Born & throughout; : 1. Design: good product has always been a need to be designed, except, of course, beautiful appearance, more important is the functional design, with products matching display shelf is a products that meet the needs; 2. Material: design finalized after selection is very important to choose light transmittance high quality acrylic board, to show glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, and is used for a long time won't yellow; 3. Production process: different acrylic products need different production process, in the production process strictly control every detail is responsible for the product. Now basic is mechanized production of acrylic products, the application of some new equipment in production efficiency at the same time, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also need the precision and quality of artificial supervision, it's about the acrylic display & other; Lifeblood & throughout; , especially adhesive, adhesive need experienced personnel to complete, this is to ensure an acrylic display glittering and translucent get rid of the basic guarantee. 4. Image processing: by screen printing or UV printing way will be matched with product slogan and LOGO printed on acrylic display rack, achieve better propaganda effect.
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