02 wooden wine box

To ensure the quality of the wooden packing box of 12 kinds of methods

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-20
1, large deformation, color, basket, trees, tree bears more material as far as possible do not instinctive quality products based on rate is low, and poor product quality, such as poplar, domestic birch, especially camphor wood, make instinctive quality products very easy to control the color difference, scar; Preparation of 2, within 100 mm width available 25 mm thick wood directly take two pieces of thickness of 8. 5 mm material, but the width is greater than 100 mm makeup can not 8. 5 mm thick, makeup can do only 7. The thickness of 5 mm; 3, product specifications below 10 * 10 mm, high operating risk during processing, special-shaped flower-like products or parts, processing technology is complicated, slow operation, cut frosted is will produce certain deformation; 4, if the raw material itself wool stoma, assembly, difficult to handle clean overflow glue, will largely influence the paint effect; 5, height is greater than 220 mm products, because in the process of sanding is beyond the scope of the planar sand machine can only use the side of sand or other method processing products, there will be some deformation; 6, to make arc points of the product, if the height of more than 120 mm, belong to a special process, and need special treatment, need CNC machining products, form R Angle is less than the R3, easy generation spiral burr at the corner, it is difficult to sand smooth. Product parts if more than 780 mm long, duplicating machine can't processing; 7,45度; Diagonal structure of the product, in the process of machining, standing up and diagonal method structure is slower than the plane cut general formula structure, and the error is big; 8, coloring products not point glue, can't have a horizontal sand is printed and sanding machine machine circle, putty, white offset printing to sand clean, better product smoothness, still need to fill in seam getting good corresponding color; 9, color and light color products can not have black phenomenon, scarring, small bruise on soil tonic to toning, will divide the good color, the color when you assemble, to ensure that a single product color integrity; 10, makeup products will exist a certain degree of off color, makeup must pay special attention to: when the light color with light color makeup, Can be unified behind dealing with color) , dark and dark spell; 11, not a packaged structure of a single product, such as thickness less than 9 mm, width is greater than 60 mm, production must first makeup to strengthen, otherwise it will cause deformation; 12, wooden box packaging products in the assembly and packaging, found that easy to scratch the product, should be a piece of cotton pad in the middle of the product or film again.
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