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To understand the three function of the wooden box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Wooden packing box function: 1, the protection function; Protection function, also is the packaging the basic functions, even if the goods are not subject to any damage of various kinds of external force. By repeated circulation, a commodity, can walk into, or other places into consumers' hands, this time, need to go through loading and unloading, transport, storage, display, and marketing. In the process of storage and transportation, a lot of external cause, such as the impact, dirty, light, gas, etc. , 2, convenience feature; This convenience function, that is, the packaging of goods is easy to use, carry, store, etc. A good packaging products, should be people-oriented, standing in the consumer's point of view, it will close the relationship between commodity and consumer, increase the consumer's desire, the credibility of the commodities, and communication between consumers and businesses. 3, marketing functions; In today's increasingly intense market competition, the role of packaging importance also understands to the manufacturer. Keywords: wooden box
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