Under Old Paint, Steel\'s Satiny Gleam

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Marianne Raleigh Chag
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Some of the freshest
Today, I saw that the furniture was old: 20-
The century steel work, stripped of paint, shows the simplicity and warmth of a sculpture, with a gray glow.
The surface is memorable and natural, bringing an inflammatory color to the usually very classic outline.
The pieces are stripped off to their bare bones and are honest, clean and sexy.
In their first dirty life-
In offices, hotels, hospitals and even military camps. -
The works are painted green or white or have fake woodgrain surfaces.
The heyday of color steel furniture in the United States was between 1910 and World War II, when metal became scarce.
Fire prevention is one of the reasons for making metal tables and filing cabinets;
Durability is another.
John Wyeth Birch, who owns the TriBeCa Wyeth furniture store, said he processed the metal furniture into fine wood, revealing the craft hidden under the paint layer.
\"What people want is the neutral color of the surface and the clean design,\" he said . \".
The painted surface of some old metal office furniture was very advanced in technology at that time.
The general fire protection company in Youngstown, Ohio began production of steel furniture in 1910 and is still operating as a general furniture company today (
Some of its works were designed by Raymond Loewy).
The company has painted many thin enamel layers on the furniture, which are baked on the steel and become almost as strong as the steel itself.
The future advertising of Minni aporith in the past and present is the source of many dealers.
On some weekends, he can be found selling items selected from his 32,000square-
Walking warehouse in 26 Street flea market on American Avenue.
The advertising price range is wide, depending on the age, rarity, condition and quality of the patch. Mr.
The price of tables and chairs in Mogol starts at $35 and the price of desks starts at $75 to $3,000.
Another source for the flea market is Sam Scoblick, who has a high price, but his furniture is not always perfectly restored.
Stripping a painted steel piece of furniture is a rough job involving chemical remover and toxic lead smoke-
There is certainly nothing to try at home.
Once a piece of clothing is stripped off and coated with defense
Rust paint, should be rubbed with the butcher\'s wax or car wax to keep the paint finish.
The lacquerware is scratched, and it is easier to update the wax than the newly painted furniture.
After all, the feeling of these works is part of their charm.
Some of the places where steel furniture is purchased are bare and ready to follow: Wyeth, 151 Franklin Street (
On Hudson Street); (212)925-5278.
INTERIEURS, 114 Worcester Street (
On Prince Street); (212)343-0800.
City design, 100 Worcester Street (
Spring Street); (212)431-7272.
No. 223, East 10 Street; (212)614-9577.
PASTPRESENTFUTURE, 26 Street flea market
Avenue of America);
Date and place (800)625-4769.
26 Street flea market SAMSCOBLICK(717)876-5691.
No. 27 road and boxiboge Road, Bridgehampton, Los AngelesI. ; (516)537-2802.
A version of this article appears on page C00003 of the national edition of August 1, 1996, with the title: a smooth flash of steel under old paint.
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