Understand the paper the pretreatment of the wooden box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Paper packaging waste pretreatment refers to the physical, chemical or biological method, convert the packaging waste to make it easier to transport, storage, recycling disposal form. Pretreatment often involve packaging waste separation and concentration of some components, so often is a process of recycled material. Pretreatment technology mainly include sorting, compaction, the broken and dehydration. Packaging waste sorting is to adopt the various useful resources of manual or mechanical separation method to classify, recycled and used in different production. Packaging waste compaction is to reduce the apparent volume, improve the efficiency of transportation and management of a operation technology. Compaction technology abroad is relatively common, used only in a limited field of our country. Packaging waste crushing process is to reduce the single size, homogeneous structure, which can reduce the gap, the process of increasing bulk density. Dehydration of packaging waste problem is commonly used in packaging waste in city garbage blended with larger sludge moisture content and so on, in order to separate the useful packaging waste, capacity reduction by dehydration, first for sorting and transport. Drying is mainly used for packaging waste after crushing, sorting the light material, use this kind of light materials for energy recovery or incineration to dry, to water, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Keywords: wooden box
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