Understand the wooden packing box market demand

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-11
How big is the market demand for the wooden packing box? The market & other; The wooden packing box & throughout; The quantity demanded. A simple example, according to incomplete statistics, China has more than one thousand married couples, every year if each couple to get married, buy an average of 500 yuan or so sweet, is the national 60 - every year 7 billion yuan joyful candy consumption, and the consumption is increasing year by year. Wedding candy wooden packing box is not a product, of course, is not high update frequency of fast pin product, but it reflects the market demand for wedding candy wooden box pack is considerable. And not to mention of the fast consumer goods, relative wedding candy there greater demand for wooden packing box. Are integral to every household, it is important to the change of frequency is very high. It is the creative design of wooden packing box and wooden packing box printing with the new levels of demand. Points on the wooden packing box from the raw material at present, mainly include: paper, plastic, metal, fiber materials, glass and ceramics, some novel composite materials, greatly satisfied with the diversity of the wooden box planning requirements. But in a lot of wooden packing box, paper wood packaging share is large, the reason it's important to fit & other; Green packaging & throughout; Demand, & other; Green packaging & throughout; Also known as & other; Pollution-free packaging & throughout; And & other Friends of the environment throughout the packaging &; 。 Keywords: wooden box
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