Utilization cycle of wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
In the life cycle of wooden box products, multiple recycling links have been added to the closed-loop recycling system. Traditional
Wooden box design is often considered to meet the requirements of function, life, quality and cost, etc., with little or no consideration
The recycling function of wooden box products makes it difficult for packaged products to achieve the purpose of recycling. Recycling equipment
The plan is to use the demolition as one of the daily standards in the initial stage of the design, which overcomes the inconsistency of the traditional design.
foot. Comparing the requirements of traditional design with the requirements of recycling-oriented design, it can be seen that the recycling design is
In addition to the basic functions, performance and other indicators of the product, more attention is paid to the life, structure and environmental friendliness of the product
etc. The main way to realize the effective reuse and recycling of wooden box packaging waste should be the recyclability of packaging
Design. Due to the fact that there are many factors that affect the performance of product recycling, some factors often exist between
Different degrees of folding. Recycling design can be carried out with the support of design guidelines, these guidelines should be
Summary and summary of design experience from different wooden box manufacturers and different packaging types of products.

Beijing wooden box processing plant in its wooden box production cycle, recycling can be carried out in three stages, namely the first stage
User recycling phase, user recycling phase and later user recycling phase. Each stage of recycling content and
The methods are all different.

(1) The early user recycling stage refers to the timely recycling of waste and materials generated during product manufacturing.
Such as reclaiming the leftover material cut from the wood board.

(2) The user recycling stage refers to the re-use after re-adjustment after each use.

(3) The later user recycling stage refers to the recycling of materials after the product is used, which is commonly referred to as recycling.
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