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VL-TB05 Functional and versatile bamboo tea box

VL-TB05 Functional and versatile bamboo tea box
tea box
3.8 inch H x 12 inch D x 7 inch
Silk-screen Printing/Burned
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20 - 30 days
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Product description

Keep your tea collection and assortment organized with the Oceanstar Bamboo Tea box made from 100-percent bamboo. The practical tea box can also act as storage for an array of items such as crafts,screws, small supplies and other small collections. Impress your friends and family with this wonderfully crafted tea box for your home or present it as the perfect gift for tea lovers.

Storage Compartments

The tea box comes with 8 equally divided compartments that can easily hold and organize any assortment of tea bags into different categories with full display. These compartments are designed with versatile spacing so it can it can also function as a holder for any other assortment of home accessories, store collections or personal items. Display this tea box in on any counter top or table surface to add a contemporary feel to the home.

Magnetic Locking and Grooved Lip

The magnet on the tea box secures and prevents your tea selection or accessories from falling out easily. And the groove on the tea box allows for easy and efficient opening of the lid. Simply use the thumb to lift open the lid and pick any of the tea bag selections or any other home or personal items stored in the 8 compartments of the tea box.

Transparent Frame

The transparent frame of the tea box is designed to permit easy viewing of the tea bag selections without the hassle of opening the lid for viewing. When desired, simply open the lid and choose a tea bag from any of the compartments for enjoyment at anytime. The transparent frame of the tea box will compliment a contemporary feel to any home or kitchen space.

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