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Now the purchasers of wall hung shelving units are mainly from the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. However, the fact is that this product is anticipated to occupy the whole international market. The said siting only indicates that the distribution networks in such areas are relatively mature. And it cannot be the limitation of the business expansion. We welcome clients coming from different countries and we would help construct the local sales channels so that the product can be recognized further.

Customer views Qingdao Vitalucks Trade Co.,Ltd as is an excellent packaging box brand. The wood cutting boards series is widely praised by customers. All raw materials of Vitalucks wholesale wooden boxes are subjected to intense and systematic quality control in our factory. The product can be customized to meet diverse demands for shape, color, logo, etc. The product does not tend to accumulate bacteria and mildew in the corners. Its materials are waterproof, hence, moisture and liquid which contains bacterium will not seep into its inner structure or the surface corner. All of its materials are recyclable, facilitating carbon emission reduction.

Vitalucks firmly believes we will be the most popular packaging box supplier. Get price!
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