We should consider clothing custom box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
Clothing custom box we should consider what, to provide for our life, the function of clothing is to keep out the cold, cover and adornment, its important is self-evident. Clothing box as a container of packing clothes, good hardness, sealing and decorative. Clothing commonly used packaging box structure with heaven and earth cover box, drawer box, folding box, clamshell box, etc. High-end clothing due to its high quality material and technology of the box's each big clothing brand. So, clothing custom box need to consider what aspects? Introduced one by one by the below small make up to you: one, the choice of material clothing boxes, food boxes and wooden gift boxes, packaging material of choice is always top priority. Packing box has the characteristics of different materials and the performance is different, will directly affect the forming the overall effect of the box. Second, the style of the design also has men's, women's clothing, children's clothes and middle-aged and old clothing, therefore, clothing box should also be changed by different consumers its design style. Packaging design tend to be more soft, such as women's clothing in warm color such as orange, pink, and men's packaging design is more tend to be strong-willed, use cool color such as black, gray more. Three, technology and other clothing box, design a complete through die cutting, oil, printing, laminating, such as multiple steps, every heavy step need to work, after careful consideration, and if one step in addition to the mistake, it is possible to lead to the final finished goods appear bad situation. Gold/silver, UV, laminating and embossing, concave-convex processing technology in the clothing after the printing packaging production is also a very important link, its function is for decoration and protection of the surface of the box. Such as glazing and laminating can improve the gloss and wear resistance of packing box, and bump can increase the carton stereo feeling, etc. Our common clothing boxes are generally paper box, relative to the plastic packing, it more environmentally friendly and printing performance is good, can provide exquisite design, even have the effect of advertising.
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