What are customized high-end gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-08
What are the considerations customized high-end gift box, first we should know that this is after a few programs to custom-made, can plate-making, the first program we now of the most elegant and beautiful and beautiful gift box. So we made the plate has a variety of, often use a variety of color for production, also there are several more often we see, such as gold and silver are basic color, this is the plate making a more normal production process. The first program is paper, normal gift box is double copper and the copper paper material to do, be in normal g 128 g to 157 g, normally won't use the more thick paper to make, because that would lead to a gift box is relatively easy to blister, and from the appearance also won't have looked so beautiful, thick means inflexible. The third program is printing, paper gift box is only normal printing package, because it is impossible to meet printing, also will use dyeing, most because our gift box belongs to the outer packing is very high to the requirement of color, also the most afraid of using the comparative difference of color to give priority to tone, also can not have a spot, so it will influence a beautiful gift box, this is also what are customized high-end gift box. The next step is a surface treatment, normal light box will use glue, and then a glossy, dumb oil. The fourth procedure is bei, this is a printing process is a important link. So customized high-end gift box what note is that the link is also more important, because want through the chip die cutter, and has high accuracy, otherwise it will affect the whole box of beautiful and quality. The last program is punched, normal some gift box is not to need to punch, not the punch you need to wipe glue. This is our entire production gift box need to pass the working procedure, what are the considerations for customized high-end gift box, we are from the perspective of the accuracy of the process. Make to order what are the precautions are also a lot of high-end gift box, so we have to seriously every working procedure, so as to good security we make gift box has a beautiful, good quality, make our gift box has more value nature, so we often in contact with this kind of things, need the most simple knowledge to know how to help our future in the aspects of choose and buy to make the right choice.
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