What are different gifts of high-end gift box material

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-27
Now there are a lot of the kinds of gift box, these gift box often has the very big difference on the material, especially the high-end gift box, if you want to choose a gift packing, we usually according to the performance of the gift itself and to choose material, packing material is an important part of quality stand or fall, let's follow ShangYu packing small make up take a look at what are common packaging gift boxes of material selection. Wine is we usually send more gifts, so wine packaging is one of the high-grade packaging category, as wine gift box packaging, most wine box is made of white cardboard, cardboard packaging wine box, good printing process is its characteristic, the paper also has a lot of kinds, in addition to black and white paperboard, and the gold and silver cardboard, paper in class wine box packaging process, there are still a lot of process steps, including sanding, paint, etc. , make wine box is very beautiful. Of moon cake packaging gift boxes, seem to be very fancy, mostly for the moon cake gift box, box packaging material and wine, also is the use of bond, you can also use other paper material, produced will have different effect. Now due to the state advocates the concept of environmental protection, so the moon cake gift box packaging will do more and more simple, though its packaging production process a lot, but made the finished product is contracted and generous is we advocate, now many moon cake gift box together with various materials to make exquisite gift box packaging, looks has elegant art. Health care products, but also often send products at ordinary times, this kind of gift is usually for elders and other relatives, many health care products are the use of special craft paper products to packaging, the subsequent process are generally not carefully crafted by hand, making such a material, most of them are based on the grade of the product, so that you can make packaging look is suitable for the people to accept gifts. In electronic product packaging, would join some of the other packing material, such as sponge, plastic foam, electronic products, because it is composed of circuit, is to ensure that is not damaged on the way of transportation, and electronics packaging, also will be more sturdy.
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