What are the common wooden packing method

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-27
We know all kinds of packing for the protection of the products is very important, and the design of the packaging, more related to the safety and health of people, no matter how beautiful exquisite gift box, practical way of packaging must be correct, it is suitable for the inside of the product, is the complete package. A. Moisture-proof packaging is one of the packaging method, mainly for some bad goods after be affected with damp be affected with damp, use separates the water vapor method to carry on the seal, the product is not affected by the moisture from the outside, or add some desiccant bag, can also to absorb the moisture in the bag. In addition the waterproof and moisture packaging the same way. 2. Some products are metal objects, everyone know will happen is the rust of the metal oxide, and you can use this kind of packing in the packing way, and mouldproof packaging is also can adopt certain against the erosion of mold, avoid make goods rot or mold. Looking good on the package and had to pay attention to the inside of the integrity of the product, actually this is also a gift box should consider the problem. 3. Will do a good packing goods, in order to not only beautiful, goods produced to maintain clean, such as some contact with the skin of human body or edible products, all need this kind of seal, it has prevent dust from entering the role, from which we learn that, with such packing, can guarantee the quality of the product and in good condition before delivery. Four. Products in the production, often need to transport to all parts of the country, in the process of transportation, in order to ensure that itself is very loose or come loose items from extrusion deformation, can be in the form of shrink packaging, the method of heating film is mainly used to make products to tighten, so in carrying on the way to protect products in order to reduce the damage from the impact. And contraction packing similar and stretch, but it is the use of tensile strength to make goods be tightly wrapped, in the case of no pressure, the film can let own stretch tight package goods. Five. We can often see some puffed food packaging is loaded, there are a lot of gas, actually this kind of product is the adoption of inflatable packaging way, the goods completely sealed inside the bags or containers first, and then the air with carbon dioxide or nitrogen inside, at the same time can also inject vacuum sealed container, also is commonly used method of food preservation of packaging.
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