What are the main features of the wooden packing box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-22
Wooden gift box plays an important role in the product packaging, distinctive woodiness packaging can attract people's attention, then presents the main features of the wooden packing box have? Let's take a look at hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. ( http://www。 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com) ) In this paper. Gift packaging has a common & other; Festival & throughout; Element, then the expression of this element is in print or on the finished printing technology, from the text and color to show. According to the product structure characteristics, gift packing box can be roughly divided into two kinds: one kind is folding carton, namely the finished folding put pressure; The other is a fixed box, the finished product can't fold put cardboard boxes. Among them, the folding carton because of small footprint, easy to transport and is widely used, wooden gift box of the form and some are not fixed form are personalization and different custom demand market display box. This kind of box type general agency for private custom won't appear in bulk of foreign sales, from the design itself, character of gift packaging is also a component of the arts. Batch of gift packaging exquisite is popular, generalization, mainly reflect the ethical culture of gifts, gift packaging and brand with an brand publicity, unique personality characteristics. From the drive consumers to purchase desire at the same time, meet consumers heart uneasy. This is a great brand effect. Present element is combined with market demand and forming, gift packaging tends to be more and more domestic high-end unique box type, but also because the price is higher, the merchant's hesitate and derive all kinds of gift packaging quality closes nevertheless cut corners, even appearance simply can't see the stand or fall of box. Packaging industry also faces is that the ratio of low-quality, etc. The impact of the vocabulary. Is the small make up above are introduced in detail, we insist on good faith as the basis, take the customer as the center, take the quality as the life of the business philosophy to provide customers with satisfactory service, let customers save time, effort, worry, provincial gold; With high quality, strict, low price driven design services with you gratified Bridges, wholeheartedly provide you with perfect printing art making high-quality goods. Warmly welcome various business, enterprise to inquire cooperation!
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