What are the visual elements of wooden packaging design?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Wooden packing box is one of the important link of modern commodity marketing, wooden packing box of the fit and unfit quality directly related to the value of the flow of goods in the market. Visual impact is important, however, wooden packing box, so the design needs to consider the following several kinds of visual elements; Wooden packaging design is known to be the big four visual elements: color, pattern, text and modelling. Specific details as follows: 1 color wooden box, wooden box design design and color. Design accurately convey the characteristics of the goods and products in the consumer's impression has a corresponding symbol color, used to color and image color. People have on the basis of the wooden packing box design color judgment habit of product properties, the color design of wooden packaging design has important influence. Some of the commonly used merchandise image color, try not to violate. 2, wooden packing box design pattern. On wood packaging design is the main carrier of information, can show the rich content, which can be roughly divided into product logo design, product image design, product symbol design. 3, gift box packaging design image text text. Including brand name, product name, name of identification, such as the culture represents the image of the product. Generally are arranged on the wooden packaging design of the main show, is also designed. Need to elaborate design, fonts are convenient reading and uniqueness. 4 design modelling, wooden box packaging. First to suggest that the function and application of the product, such as small volume short bottleneck big bottle of bottle for drinks can make people to drink; Mass long bottleneck of bottle used for drinks, let a person feel need to pour into the cup to drink again, moreover, packaging can also suggested that intrinsic value and grade of products, namely through external packaging and feel the temperament of the modelling to display the product quality and grade of the inner.
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