What does it take to be a qualified wooden boxes for?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD is a manufacturer that makes the wooden packing box, so for the production of products, not only request and conforms to the development need of the goods, and the quality need, the wooden packing box is complete, then in addition to this, what does it take to be a qualified wood packaging please? First of all, the production of wooden boxes printed above, need to clear images and text, and request them to print in the right place. In the text on the wooden package printing, make sure the ink printed word use, can not appear fall off phenomenon, and to do no wrong character, wrong printing, printing, reprint redundant phenomenon. Second, wooden packaging box may not be the condition of the pollution and damage to the surface, no rusty spot, peeling, cracks and other paper material defects. And wooden packaging box paper could not have stitching, lack of material, sensory defects such as wrinkle, paper material with a batch of products is the same. , make sure that the wooden packing box of the bottom is the founder, can not exist fold Angle, become warped phenomenon, after the molding fold Angle hole, can not exceed the prescribed scope. Above all, a wooden box, is must have the condition of for those, so manufacturers in the design and production of wooden packing box, need to consider to be clear about, make product.
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