what is a zero gravity lounge chair? an in depth look at this new ergonomic design

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-10
Initially, the Zero Gravity recliner was treated as a \"furniture area\" and marked as furniture with the name of the space age.
However, if you study the benefits of a zero gravity chair, you will find that it not only provides comfort, but also helps to support good spine and heart health.
As our social health awareness continues to grow, the Zero Gravity recliner is a natural addition to any home or office that wants to support a completely healthy lifestyle.
A little history-
The design and technical inspiration for the zero gravity recliner comes from the seats NASA designed for astronauts.
A zero gravity chair is designed to support the human body and create a comfortable and weightless feeling.
When you stand upright or standing, gravity puts pressure on your spine, your spine muscles contract, and your disc compresses.
Over time, this natural process of stress and aging may lead to disc disease (DDD).
While the Zero Gravity recliner is not a treatment for DDD, it can put you in a reclining position and help reduce the force on your spine and rest your back muscles, the disc in the back is restored to normal shape and size.
Sitting in the reclining position can also reduce the pressure of the heart, increase blood circulation, and increase blood oxygen levels.
From the backyard to the rest area of the office, Zero Gravity recliner and outdoor zero gravity recliner can be set up everywhere.
The chairs offered by many manufacturers are made up of power coated steel frames and durable but soft interior decoration to provide maximum comfort.
The Zero Gravity recliner is a chair that allows you to recline to the stress release position where the whole body is maximum or even balanced.
It lifts your legs below the knee to the right upper side of the heart, creating the best conditions for your cardiovascular system to run smoothly and reducing the pressure on your spine.
Many people began to use zero gravity chairs to relieve back pain and tension.
This in turn reduces expensive travel to chiropractors and experts.
With this investment, you can save money in the next few years.
Since there are many different needs and lifestyles for people using the zero gravity recliner, in most cases the Zero Gravity recliner is designed to accommodate many different environments.
The zero gravity chair always maintains perfect posture and comfort, and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use (
Depending on the style you purchased)
Many consumers have demonstrated the versatility of chair applications.
From fully reclining and relaxing to sitting behind while reading, to working on a laptop, the zero gravity chair is an ergonomic chair, it can make your experience more healthy and comfortable.
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