What is high-end gift box of the printing process, need what material

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-28
In the packaging industry, the printing is the creation of the art on the packaging materials, and production of a variety of the printed materials, such as wood, plastic, these materials can be processed into flexible packaging and rigid package, eventually become a product of high-end gift box, from the perspective of the production of high-grade gift box, printing process is very complicated. Let's look at upscale exquisite gift box is done with any printed material and process. High-end gift box packaging process is what kind of plastic is one of the high-end gift box printing material, but it didn't easy adsorption of ink, to plastic film can very good adsorption on the wrapping paper, let the above design or font does not fall, before doing the printing factory will be dedicated to do a deal with it, because the plastic film is easily affected by temperature change, consider the nature of the material printing, this shows how complicated the process of printing, film at the time of printing, strength to extend to a certain extent, so that if a lot of color printing, will make the quality becomes inaccurate. High-end gift box packaging for a piece of paper plastic film is smooth and no pore, ink penetration don't go in, it would be less likely to tightly on the packing surface, so that make the pattern it feels incomplete, in order to avoid the disadvantages, we can see the workers put the film inside adding additives, at the time of printing, additive came out, can be in film formation protection grease above, so it is not easy to fall off. Plastic the material because of its particularity, the ink is not capable of soon, these features are only suitable for rigid package printing, for surface treatment before printing is very important. What is exquisite gift box packaging method from this we can see that to make a high quality, beautiful appearance of exquisite gift boxes, in the printing process, it takes a lot of kung fu, and printing also and it is closely related to the choice of materials, now more and more developed science and technology, many new materials was finally developed, will let the production of high-end gift box packaging greener and healthier. The above about the packing printing material and process at this point, if you want to learn more knowledge about the packing, please attention to Shanghai ShangYu packing, ShangYu specializing in the production of various kinds of exquisite gift box packaging and packing of the products, can provide you with more considerate service.
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