What is the advantage of wooden boxes for

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-23
The birth of a high-end gift box of the procedures involved in wood cutting wood, folding forming part of the gift box of the production process but also on the glue. Depending on the gift box, after we cut the paper materials or gift box after forming, but also for the printing, to improve the degree of beautiful gift box. Finally, if it is a high grade gift box, but also further ornament. In short, the craft process of high-end gift box is various, if lack of automated industrial equipment support, such a gift will cost a lot of working hours. Now gift box packaging equipment has many advantages, not only work efficiency is fast, has also made many improvements on the basis of the original, greatly improving the reliability of the machine. For example, to improve the original surface structure of CAM mechanism. Because the original is easy to cause the mechanism of wear and tear, which reduces the precision of the machine, even the permanent damage to the parts. Power and power system also USES cylinder, the machine running more portable, personnel's operation is more simple. In addition, high-grade wooden gift box packaging equipment to further improve the degree of automation of the machine. Package edge, winding, molding fold into the entity. We can input process or provide the drawings for the machines, the machine can automatically according to the requirements for gift box packaging, greatly improved the before a machine can produce a kind of gift box, simple and easy to change mould, can produce different specifications and types of exquisite gift box.
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