What kind of cosmetics wooden packing box was easy for people to choose

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
With the rapid development of economy, cosmetics gradually become the mainstream products. Tabled in the wide variety of cosmetics consumer market, the unique cosmetics packaging is one of the important reasons to attract consumers to purchase goods, cosmetics packaging is a very persuasive salesman. So, what kind of cosmetics wooden packing box was easy for people to choose. Cosmetics wooden packing box 1. What kind of box type suitable for you? Did all kinds of wooden packing box, to the packing of different products have their own opinions. When customers ask cosmetics packaging, to determine the value of products and customers in the first place. If the customer product sell 20 - only $40, it is recommended that a 3 - $4 seems to get the approval. Can consider material thinner paper at this time, of course, is mainly used to transport the pit box is also possible. As long as the unique design, the packing will be fine. Worth more than $100 for cosmetics packaging, you can bold proposals. Material thicker paper is the first condition, then we can recommend some unique packaging. Heaven and earth boxes are ordinary wooden box type, with perfect design and process, of course, also can let a person yearning. According to customer's requirement, type book boxes, green leather box, drawer box, display box can be a good choice. 2. Makeup look less messy if your cosmetics are bottled, consider a high-end Eva or sponge. Each has his own position cosmetics, look orderly. Price is not so far. Of course, if you choose the affordable transport box. Considering the product safety transportation, lafite grass and copy paper is a good choice. Products may not so strewn at random have send, but proper placement can also make him look do not have lasting appeal. Whether inside or lafite grass, copy paper, then you can choose according to his be fond of the color you prefer, we will let you the edition. 3. About the design and process to have its own brand of cosmetics packaging, logo is the best way to let the customer to know way you. In order to make the logo is unique, we generally according to the characteristics of the customer logo suggest different process. Hot stamping process, which are frequently used is our gold, silver, rose gold, etc for your choice. In addition to hot stamping, of course, we still have the UV, hit convex, highlight the logo. '',' recommended reading: wooden gift box factory tell you the wooden packing box design brings to the commodity value of hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. ( http://www。 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com) Professional custom wooden packing box for many years, the product sells in distant markets domestic and foreign, custom hotline: 13858066387
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