What kind of packing is provided for custom wooden boxes ?
At Qingdao Vitalucks Trade Co.,Ltd, we offer standard exporting packing method. The specific packing method of the shipment varies from customers’ requirements and the order quantity. But no matter what, we ensure the safe and standard packing to avoid any damage in transportation. If you have any special requirements on packing, such as the packing method, the printing of shipping mark, and so on, we can offer custom packing solution to you. For any question and requirement, do not hesitate to contact us, your satisfaction is what we work for.

Vitalucks now has been listed among the very popular wood cutting boards maker. The custom wooden boxes series is widely praised by customers. The product has optimized heat dissipation performance. Thermal adhesive or thermal grease is filled to the air gaps between the product and the spreader on the device. There are no burs and uneven bulgings found on the surface. The product is favored for its potential application value and economic benefits. It is sturdy enough to withstand certain external impacts.

Vitalucks is committed to becoming the most reliable large wood cutting board supplier. Check it!
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